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Paw print pet urn
Paw print pet urn
Paw print pet urn

Paws to Heaven Pet Urn

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 Twist off top cookie jar shapes brass urn with a slate finish. It has paw prints climbing the urn towards heaven. You can keep a small amount of the ashes in a keepsake size or place your whole pet companion into a larger version. SHIPPING ONLY  $9.00!

Available in 5 sizes.

Keepsake Size - Holds 1.5 Tablespoons of Cremains/Ashes

XSmall - Measures 3 inches in diameter and is 4.5 inches tall. It holds an animal that would be 0-20 pounds

Small -  Measures 4 inches in diameter and 6  inches tall. It holds a  pet companion that would be between 21-40 pounds.

Medium -  Measures Holds a pet that would be between 41-75 pounds

Large  - Measures 5.25 in diameter and is 9.5 inches tall. Holds your pet companion that is between  76 - 125 pounds