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Slate Ginger Urn with paw print on the lid.
Slate Ginger Jar Pet Urn

Odyssey Slate Pet Urn

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Our pet's paw prints leave a lasting impression. This ginger jar shaped brass urn has a pewter slate finish. The lid has a large paw print on it and securely closes with threading after placing your pet's ashes inside. Available in 4 sizes. 
Shipping (if required) is only $9.00.

XSmall: 3.25" High x 4.5" Wide (Suitable for an animal 0 - 25 pounds)
Small: 3.75" High x 4.75" Wide (Suitable for an animal 26 - 50 Pounds)
Medium: 5" High x 6" Wide (Suitable for an animal 51- 75 Pounds)
Large: 6" high x 7" Wide (Suitable for an animal 76 - 100 Pounds)